Cervical Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow


This cervical pillow keeps the natural curve your neck while keeping your head elevated and cool while using your far infrared mat. The cover is filled with 50% amethyst and 50% tourmaline crystals naturally generating negative ion therapy.

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The back has a zipper opening so a softer pillow choice can be added if desired, as the standard foam inner core is very firm.

Amethyst and tourmaline weight is 3 pounds, total weight is 5.2 lbs.

Our crystalline pillow comes with a handy waterproof carrying bag.


  1. Charmed FIR Mats

    Seller was extremely helpful and forthcoming. It is not easy to find an honest seller willing to bend over backwards to correct an issue and this is truly a gem of a seller. I will share the story on the charmed fir mat review as I had no issues whatsoever with the pillow. Extremely excellent customer service like off the charts good!

  2. Charmed FIR Mats

    The pillow is hard but I’m using it therapeutically as a hard surface as prescribed by the physical therapist. Originally for therapy my head was on a stack of phone books. This pillow is more comfortable that that! I was going to send it back but changed my mind after using it longer. I spoke with Barbara the seller and she was very nice and helpful. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition.
    Judi G

  3. Charmed FIR Mats

    If you’re going to lay on the wonderful infrared mini mat then you must have this heavenly bio pillow as well. I have cervical problems (had C3 – C7 all fused) and this pillow allows me to lay with no pain.
    Senora T

  4. Charmed FIR Mats

    Love the pillow, it was harder then I thought it was going to be, so I don’t use it on a daily basis to sleep on, but I use it for meditation and on my healing table. I think the health benefits are well worth it. I believe even having the pillow in bed next to you is equally healing. With the amount of amethyst, you could probably be in the next room and get the healing benefits.
    Great pillow and price.
    Melissa W

  5. Charmed FIR Mats

    Say good bye to neck and back pain! when I first got it I was only able to sleep on it for a few hours at a time..now I can sleep on it all night.. feel so much better when I wake up in the morning now!

  6. Charmed FIR Mats

    Love the pillow, and the mat. I use both for multiple purposes; the mat when driving, the pillow as a back rest when relaxing or working, and both for sleeping. I am very pleased with my purchase,
    Sharon T

  7. Charmed FIR Mats

    Great pillow, great quality! Amazing customer service.

  8. Charmed FIR Mats

    It is hard but my niece said she had a bump on her neck and it was gone in a few days. For the price, it is a much better deal than some of the other bio-pillows.

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