Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Composition (Layers)

The composition of our far infrared mats.


First Layer: High-Quality Leather Fabric – Which is elegant, durable and comfortable.

Second Layer: High-Quality Vinyl – Amethyst show window.

Third layer: High-Grade Natural Amethyst can release far infrared ray and negative ion, which can promote blood circulation and increase metabolism, so that it improves human immunity.

Fourth layer: Bamboo carbon fiber cotton layer, which has several important qualities:

  1. Super absorbent, more absorbent than charcoal.
  2. Releases far infrared rays and stores heat energy.
  3. Emits high concentration of negative ions
  4. High mineral content
  5. Adjust humidity

Fifth layer: Oxford Water proof Fabrics, durable, and prevents water, overheat standard.

Sixth layer: Electronic-wave proof, high-quality copper layer, to shield the user from electromagnetic waves.

Seventh layer: High-quality aluminum foil fabrics layer, to shield the user from electromagnetic waves and share the heat of the entire mattress uniformly.

Eight Layer: 0.2mm NonWoven Fabric for Heating Wire fix, durable and over heat standard.

Ninth Layer:  Magnetic wave-proof, high-quality silicone glass fiber heating wire. The heat system of the mat uses standard heating material. After heating, the temperature can rapidly rise, and this heating material is not easy aging, and it also resists high temperatures and folding.

Tenth layer: Bimetal, overheat protect (80 degrees Celsius)

Eleventh layer: Sensor, test the recent temperature, the most important part in microcomputer controllers. The sensor reports the recent temperature to the controller screen, so the controller can adjust the temperature according to users setting.

Twelfth layer: High-quality aluminum foil fabrics layer, high-quality aluminum foil fabrics layer, to shield the user from electromagnetic waves, share the heat of whole mattress uniformly. Block the heat to the bottom.

Thirteenth layer: Negative ion Non-woven fabrics emit negative ion.

Fourteenth layer: Charcoal layer, super adsorption, releasing far infrared rays and negative ions, decomposing smell and deodorize.

Fifteenth layer: Compressed Nonwoven fabrics

Sixteenth layer: High-quality water proof leather Fabric is durable, prevents water, resist tension and protects the mattress when using the far infrared mat.